7 Step Roof Restoration Sydney

Repair and Replace

We inspect your entire roof and repair/replace tiles that are broken and cracked. Ensuring your roof will be in great condition for years to come.

High Pressure Clean

Using commercial high pressure cleaning equipment we remove dirt, mould and residue from the roof surface, an essential part of the preparation process.

Repointing and Rebedding

Our experienced contractor will repoint and rebed the tiles and ridge capping. Broken and deteriorated mortar will be replaced.

Mould Preparation

We apply mould prevention solution in order to prevent and future moss and lichen. Making your roof easier to wash yourself over the next 10 years.

Paint Preparation

Our roof restoration experts believe in preparing the job properly. We apply a high-grade primer bond and sealant to ensure the paint bonds with the tile and forms a lasting coat for many years to come.

Application of Paint

Using a colour from our magnificent range, we evenly spray a 1st coat and then a 2nd coat to ensure a superb finished product.

Getting a Full Roof Restoration

Cleaned and Repaired, Not Just Painted

One of the key distinctions between a professional Sydney roof restoration company, is what is done prior to the painting of a roof.

It is the cleaning, repairs and preparation of the roofing surfaces that will ensure the longevity of the job and keep the roof looking great for decades to come.

Our contractors have been repairing roofs for 10+ years, and have extensive experience with different roof types like concrete and terracotta tile, as well as colorbond/steel rooftops.

With our thorough pre-work inspection, our workers will clean and repair your roof in order to form a solid base for the aesthetic side of the restoration.

Mould Inhibition

When you select a roof restoring company, make sure you ask them about mould inhibiting coatings.

Over the years mould and lichen can grow on your roof, they are very hard to clean off and will eventually damage the paint and the roofing materials.

By spraying the roof with a mould inhibiting coating prior to painting, you will further ensure a long-lasting finish for years to come. Concerns about lichen and mould are a good sign that your roofer cares about a long-lasting job.

Heres a Primer

Painting a roof without putting a primer on is something that happens more often than it should. In order for the tiles or metal to form a bond with the roof paint, a quality purpose-made primer should be used.

The Roofing People use a high-grade clear, water based acrylic primer that seals and bonds the paint to the roof surface, ensuring the paint will remain intact and looking great for years to come.

Heat Reflective Coatings

In the harsh Sydney climate, you need a roof coating that is Made in Australia, for Australian Conditions, that is why we use Acrylocs heat reflective coatings.

We use commercial spray equipment in order to get a nice even finish, we apply 2 coats (following the primer) to give your roof that brand new look.

Our coatings come in a huge range of colours, and we can advise you on colour if need be.

Choosing Your Colour

If you have cement roof tiles then you can repaint your roof a different colour.We have a wide range of colours to choose from, our consultant will bring out samples for you to look through so you can select a colour that suits your house.

The picture on the right shows some of our most popular colours, more will be available when the consultant attends your home to give you a quote.